The science of plotting and following a course from one place to another and of determining one's position relative to the desired destination.
The market for Human Capital/Talent Management solutions globally is measured in the billions of dollars. For many companies, this is a golden opportunity to help customers/clients maximize the value of their human capital.
Along with this tremendous opportunity exists an equally tremendous challenge - massive fragmentation and segmentation among providers. From an end-client perspective, the risk of making a bad decision is overwhelming.
For solution providers serving this large market, success requires the ability to execute sound strategic initiatives.

GOTHAM GROWTH GROUP has substantial experience in navigating the Human Capital/Talent Management market by providing execution of successful partnerships, alliances, funding/financing and M&A strategies that accelerate growth and increase profits.
We put our position at risk... Our success is tied directly to the success of our clients. Our model is one of shared risk and reward. Every GOTHAM GROWTH partner carries an intense commitment to excellence that is reflected in the passion we bring to our work. Why? Our compensation is dependent on our mutual success. For that reason, not every opportunity is a fit.

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  • Do we acquire or become acquired?
  • What's the key to our solution architecture?
  • Should we build and/or partner and if so with whom?
  • How do we best leverage our core offerings and build competitive advantage?
  • Whats the best way to build a new distribution channel in a vertical or geography?
  • If we decide to become part of a larger platform, how do we determine the best path for our stakeholders and maximize value?

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