New Markets


Services include creating and executing strategies for identifying new market channels, verticals and building an opportunity matrix that identifies opportunities by factors such as ease of entry, best of breed by function, risk, etc.


In general, businesses spend too much and receive too little on business development efforts.
In most cases, it's a lack of competencies - most clients can't afford the type of executive required to execute a successful business development initiative.
Poor results are often an outcome of a big effort to attract and sign, but not enough time on a plan of attack/execution. Deals are signed w/little results.
Recent conditions in our industry have exacerbated the situation. With pressure to find partners, how do we accomplish this effectively?
Gotham Growth has executed over 40 successful deals! We serve as outsourced business development executives. Our goal is to build it right the first time.
We know we've done our job when you are ready to bring this function in-house.


Corporate Development

Today's funding environment is tougher than ever. Debt, private equity or venture capital funding requires more than just a solid product/service and revenues. Funding sources are flooded with "opportunities". You have to raise your profile above the noise to be heard and seen. Flooding the market with business plans (no matter how pretty) has the same effect as cold calling does in sales, and it's just as much fun.
Gotham Growth leverages its relationships with a multitude of funding sources to get an audience with the appropriate source at the appropriate time. How? The principals at Gotham Growth have successfully raised private and VC money in this industry. Nothing can eat more time and waste more resources than chasing funding. It's worse when you have no compass. We'll show you how to get it done in an efficient manner, at
a reasonable valuation and with terms that make sense.


Gotham Growth has extensive experience in:
  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Funding & Financing